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Popping the original vintage champagne, the epitome of luxury, the Veuve Cliquot Yello, paired with Lush Vanilla Bean Brulee, Ernest Hillier Milk Chocolate Macadamia, Valley Produce Company Mini Artisan Crackers, and more such premium quality gourmet delights entails a good time of lavish leisure and luxury. A heartfelt handwritten note and a picture chart featuring your favorite memories coupled with a breathtaking bouquet make this hamper one that defines luxury in the true sense.

What's Inside?

Packaging: Wooden Crate Tray

Alcohol: Veuve Clicquot (750ml)

Gourmet Foods:

  • Lush Vanilla Bean Brulee (250g)
  • Lush Dark Chocolate Ganache Mousse (250g)
  • B company Honey Popcorn (80g)
  • Ernest Hillier Milk Chocolate Macadamia (200g)
  • Ernest Hillier Milk Chocolate Liquorice (200g)
  • Valley Produce Company Cracker-thins Gluten-Free (100g)
  • Mother Megs S/Dry Tomato & Parmesan (120g)
  • Mother Meg’s White Choc/Macadamia Cookies (150g)
  • Valley Produce Company Mini Artisan Crackers Cheese, Tomato & Basil (110g)


  • Bouquet Of Artificial Roses – Mixed [Florists Choice]
  • Glass Vase
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