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A shoutout to all the coffee lovers! Be it a morning boost, a mood uplifter, a cosy date, a warm winter evening or a relaxed nighttime reading ritual, coffee is the perfect “go-to” drink for everything. That’s why our “Coffee Crate” hamper comes with the best Australian coffee. Send this hamper to a coffeeholic or a coffee connoisseur and brighten their day. Set on a wooden crate tray, the hamper has Specialty Coffee Pods from Toby’s Estate along with their Espresso Rico multi-grind Blend and an elegant coffee mug to go with it. And what’s better than yummy Milk Chocolate Almonds, Crispy Crackers and Salted Caramel Fudge to go with your coffee. Get set to indulge and dig in. Send this hamper to all your coffee buddies be it your office pals, clients, or best mates and show them how much you care! 

What's Inside?

Packaging: Wooden Crate Tray


  • Toby’s Estate Espresso Rico Blend (200g)
  • (multi-grind)Toby’s Estate Specialty Coffee Pods (Pack of 10) 

 Gourmet Foods:

  • Ernest Hillier Milk Chocolate Scorched Almonds (200g)
  • Valley Produce Company Cracker-thins G/F (100g)
  • GDC salted caramel fudge

Miscellaneous: Naoko Powder Blue Coffee Mug (380ml)

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