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Beer Belly

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One for the Mates! A hamper to celebrate friendship, commanderies, and the mutual love of sports. With 4 Corona Bottles and a variety of premium-quality gourmet delights and nibbles, this hamper is perfect for a night of watching your favourite football or cricket league! Add a heartwarming handwritten note and twinkling light decor to make this hamper more personal. The “Beer Belly” is sure to unwind and unveil an entertaining and good time.

What's Inside?

Packaging: Wooden Crate Tray

Alcohol: 4 Corona Beer bottles (355ml each)

Gourmet Foods:

  • Valley Produce Luxury Nuts, Herb and Spice Nut Blend (120g)
  • Mother Meg’s S/Dry Tomato & Parmesan Crackers (120g)
  • Valley Produced Cracker-thins Parmesan Cheese (100g)
  • SP Ultimate Wasabi Mix (80g)
  • SP Herb Chilli Garlic Lime Cashew (90g)
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