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Abundance is a celebration of life. Our 'Abundance' hamper perfectly sums this up and symbolises a way to live abundantly. Our hamper includes the classy Chandon Brut, delicious gourmet bites such as Kangaroo Island Crackers, Honey popcorn and Luken & May Almond and Vanilla biscuits. Our healing products including the Citrine Tree and Tiger’s eye bracelet paired with an aromatic soy candle make this hamper even more extravagant. Citrine symbolising success and prosperity paired with Tiger’s eye symbolising protection is the perfect Mantra of Abundance. No need to send simple hampers anymore since we have curated meaningful and thoughtful hampers just for you! Shower Abundance in your loved ones’ lives and send them good wishes, prosperity and positivity with this extra-special hamper.

What's Inside?

Packaging: Signature Black Box with a Luxurious Golden Ribbon

Alcohol: Chandon NV Brut (750ml)

Gourmet Foods:

  • Kangaroo Island Wheat & Ligurian Honey Seed Crackers (100g)
  • B company Honey Popcorn (80g)
  • Luken & May Almond &Vanilla Butterburst biscuits (120g)

Healing Products:

  • Citrine Tree
  • Tiger’s eye bead bracelet


  • Duke & Murdy Coconut
  • Lime Soy Candle (200g)

More Details

  • Citrine Tree: Citrine is a crystal that is a powerful regenerator and cleanser. It is known as the stone of abundance and prosperity due to its healing and energizing properties. It manifests wealth, prosperity and success in all facets of life. It increases creativity, protects from negative energies, manifests abundance, promotes happiness and joy, increases self-esteem and confidence and encourages a positive attitude. It is perfect to keep at your home or workplace to attract positivity and success.
  • Tiger's Eye Bead Bracelet: Tiger’s eye is a stone known for protection. It brings good luck and has the power to focus the mind. It is useful for healing illnesses and dispelling fear and anxiety. It aids harmony and balance and stimulates taking action, helping you to make the right decisions. It is a powerful crystal for protection from negativity around you and helps to create an aura of positivity and joy. It is perfect to wear around your wrist every day and stimulates happiness 24/7.
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