Gifting the thoughful way!

Gifts and Relationships - An Undying Love Affair

Written by Bliss Baskets


Posted on July 20 2022

Relationships and presents go hand in hand. One way of looking at gifts is as a tool to reinforce relationships and assure our loved ones that we’re always there for them. Most of the time, people don’t care about the physical gift itself, instead, they deeply care about the many hours of thought that went into selecting the right gift for the right person. However, the process of giving gifts to our friends is a double-edged sword. On one hand, we know them and their likes/dislikes pretty well, making the gift selection part a walk in the park. On the other, the bond between us and them makes us think hard about multiple choices, and that takes quite a bit of time. 

Gifting is also a love language. This makes it very important in the context of relationships. The bond between you and your partner can be strengthened with regular gift-giving. Surprising them shouldn’t just be restricted to special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries. It can be a regular thing. In fact, gifting the special person in your life regularly can lead to improved mental and emotional compatibility between the two of you. 

Gifts should be seen as a way to stay connected and be thankful for the important people in your life.  Gifting is simply just another form of communication and can improve your relationships with everyone in your close circle and beyond. 

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