Gifting the thoughful way!

Gifting and its social standing - Why is giving presents so important?

Written by Bliss Baskets


Posted on July 20 2022

We all cherish the gifts that we receive. But have you ever wondered about why society thinks gifts are the best way to show affection, gratitude, or love? We as people tend to communicate our feelings through tangible media. This includes physical touch, verbal communication, or symbols, such as gifts. While the first two mediums of showing our feelings tend to be something we do on a regular basis, gift-giving is something that tends to be seen as special, due to its rarity. Giving gifts, generally, is something we do to show our love to the most important people in our lives, on special occasions. Thus, it holds a very special place in society. 

Jumping to the biggest question that arises when talking about gifting, why is gifting so important? To put it very simply, gifting reinforces the strength of a relationship. Giving a gift to someone shows them our affection, but moreover, it also communicates with them that we’re always there for them, no matter if the times are good or bad. We give gifts to the people that we want in our lives, no matter what. If we care for someone truly, we do not look for special occasions or seek something in return, we simply just give. 

Gifts, in a professional context, can also be used as tools of showing someone gratitude for the work they’ve done for you or to get on someone’s good side. In this way, gifts can be used as instruments for advancing one’s life from a societal standpoint. 

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