Gifting the thoughful way!

A Token of Love

Written by Bliss Baskets Emporio Admin


Posted on January 01 2022

A busy Wednesday morning, you get out of bed, roll your eyes and make your way to the dining room, you see a gift hamper waiting for you and no it’s not your birthday, a Bliss Basket sits there with your favourite shortbread (to go with your morning coffee, of course), you read the card and it’s from your favourite person (yes, the person that came to your mind as you read this) and well you don’t need anyone to wish you a ‘good’ morning cause evidently, your day is already going ‘great’.

That right there is a token of love.

There's nothing better than a personalised gift, Bliss Baskets also check that criteria, so your gift is unique to your preferences.

People say it's the thought that counts, but people never say no to caramel fudge, honey popcorn and cheese crackers too. 

Who are we kidding, there's  nothing like a cute brown teddy, The Bliss Baskets Emporio brings your way the most irresistible hampers that you and your loved ones will be excited to gift and received (undoubtedly)

The hampers are also accompanied by scented candles and a bottle of wine (we always save the best thing for the end), it's the perfect valentine gift to your partner, friend, collegue, neighbour, well anyone that bring a smile to your face, because Bliss Baskets Emporio will make sure to give the perfect returns!


If I were you, I would be finding my credit card right now.